A4D Affiliate conference

Next conference: San Diego, 2017

I think it is wise to say that this annual event is more of a betworking zone. In all the times I have attended this particular conference I have been able to learn from my peers in matters that make marketing stand out. It’s a one day event and I’m this one day you are able to receive more information than you can learn from the internet.


Some of the speakers last year were:

Jason Akatiff, CEO of A4D

John Malach, CEO of NativeAds

Tim Burd, CEO of DigitizeIQ

  • I can proudly say that A4D makes each individual in attendance a better affiliate. Being part of the inside team, having attended this conference. I can stand tall and proudly pronounce it as one of the most outstanding conferences definitely one to look out for.
  • Once the day’s events came to an end, they have a great after party. And while I definitely learned a lot from the 10 or so speakers, parties like these are where you really benefit.



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