Berlin Affiliate Conference (BAC) : My trip to the Underground City

Like I promised, here is my summary of my experience in Berlin. I really wanted to share some of my thoughts with you guys, and I hope that this review could help the ones that are planning to attend next year.

The Event’s Main Features

Fist of all, this is a kind of event that fits perfectly the ones that are looking for some more networking to find new connections in their business, especially in the betting market. With two conference rooms and more than 3000 attending delegates, BAC offers both beginners and experts a large variety of new ways to take a step forward in a business career. The event’s topic fits specifically the needs of the participants that are interested in bet365 Performance Marketing, but offers also very good opportunities to expand a company potential by a well settled networking system.

I advise for the ones who will be attending next year to take part to the after events too, as it is the night and some cocktails that encourage the best networking.

A conference without Nice girls ? Noo !

About the topic, more specifically I chose to take part to an igaming speech, which I found really illuminating for what regards the latest trends and the future opportunities that this market may offer. I couldn’t listen it all as I discovered it almost too late, but there was also a conference about SEO, which covered a variety of matters such as PPC, link building and much more. I managed to hear well just the part about the latest news on Google updates but even with just this, I felt really satisfied. 

What was the most interesting part then? You’d ask. I was very happy about all the event itself, because of its perfect organization and the conferences management system, and thanks to the fantastic speakers that showed me some new, mind blowing prospective.

It was exactly what I was looking for, so I can say that I am entirely satisfied with BAC, and I will surely continue to advertise it to other future participants. But the most inspiring part of the event was to get an insight from industry experts. It answered to many of my doubts and it cleared some of the first step you sure need to start a successful business. I’m so thankful for all this valuable information.

My favorite speakers

Alex Carr, TechFinancials’s Head of Affiliation
  • Alex Carr: He’s an Affiliate Programme Manager for TechFinancials from 2010, I liked his speech about his working experience. He managed to show me some personal faces of his job and I was able to fully understand the many duties of his position.
  • Carla Maree Vella: She’s the Marketing responsable of OptionMag, a french Forex and Cryptocurrency review, which doesn’t need presentations. She shared with us participants her secret to become successful. For Carla the key factor to gain real strength is a “make it happen” approach to business, and it really gave me a lot to think about.

I received so much from this experience, and surely I will take part to other conferences like the oncoming London one! Of course, for everyone who may need it, I will share every information that I will obtain about this new event.

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